In Addis Ababa the water is currently supplied by ground and surface water sources. However these resources are insufficient to cover the need for water, which is in permanent increase and the water authorities have commissioned numerous drillings in order to meet short term demands. The construction
of new dams is necessary since the long-term demand is based upon the exploitation of surface water (Water Project III).
All studies of the Water Project III, carried out between 1984 and 2006 have been completed, but the project has since been stopped due to lack of funding.
The objectives of these services are to update the water demand projection, to study it and compare the different scenarios of water resource development and treatment that could potentially supply Addis Ababa, and carry out environmental impact studies and social studies, and prepare the reference terms
for the completion of the recommended option.

Services Provided:

  • Evaluating the existing Water Supply production for the city,
  • Reviewing Water Source Development Activities
  • Checking Operational Efficiency of water supply system
  • Reviewing the Design Parameters for Water demand
  • Assessing the additional water resources potential in different scenarios
  • Recommending alternative water resource development Scenarios
  • Carrying out Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Studies




Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority (AAWSA) (World Bank) – Ethiopie

En sous traitance de Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd (Irlande) ; SCE Aménagement et Environnement (Nantes)
Financement : Banque Mondiale


Contribution au Projet « Water III » en lien avec la mise en place d’un futur barrage d’alimentation en eau potable au Nord de Addis Abeba (Ethiopie)

Dec 2013 – Juin 2014

Compétences mobilisées

  • Analyse du bassin versant du futur barrage de Sibilu (caractéristiques physiques et pressions),
  • Diagnostic partagé (hydrologistes, économistes, environnementalistes, agronomes, pédologues, cartographes, autres expertises…) situation initiale et projection selon plusieurs scénarios,
  • Rapport de synthèse.